Kindle Vella

The Fantastic Voyages of the Unnamed Crew

A group of misfits sail the seas, but when they end up shipwrecked, they learn they’re not the only ones lost. Voyages is a zany story about a man whose tattoos come to life, a woman who can’t die, a wannabe pirate captain desperate for adventure – and a stranger who seeks revenge.

Kingdoms of Fae and Memories
(cowrite with Karen A. Moon)

The wicked queen of the fae is afraid of me for reasons I don’t understand, and she barters me to the Unseelie to marry the prince-warrior himself. Handsome, powerful, and mean, he’s everything I expected, but now that I’m no longer under the queen’s spell? Turns out there are some memories coming back to me, and the truth changes everything.

Betwixt Realms Series

the cyborg and the centaur